Ancient houses, precious assets of Truong Yen commune

The ancient village of Truong Yen, in Hoa Lu district of the northern province of Ninh Binh, is famous not only for housing the Hoa Lu ancient capital, but also hundreds of intact ancient houses.

Ancient houses, precious assets of Truong Yen commune

About 7km to the north of Ninh Binh city, Truong Yen village bears a unique cultural space. The houses here still preserve the typical architecture of the Northern Delta of the old time of either three compartments or five compartments.

In addition, the village also boasts numerous historical relic sites like a stone church, temples and a unique stone Buddhist pillar of Nhat Tru.

According to Mr Nguyen Duc Loi, Chairman of the Truong Yen Commune People's Committee, Truong Yen commune currently consists of over 100 ancient houses, including ten dating back over 100 years, and they are scattered in all hamlets.

In particular, the height of all the ancient houses in Truong Yen commmune is lower than that of King Dinh Tien Hoang temple and King Le Dai Hanh temple. This showed the villagers' respect to these Kings.

Most of the ancient houses have five compartments and two rear areas or three compartments and two rear areas.

They were built with many beams and pillars which are made of precious solid wood, such as lim (iron wood), gu (sindora) or thong xanh (teranthera pine). The whole house stands on big pillars firmly placed on a round or square stone base.

Some stone pillars were also used in these ancient houses.

An ancestoral worship altar is placed in the main room. There is also a tea cabinet or a low wooden platform where family and guests can sit and have a chat.

Most ancient houses feature multi-fold wooden doors, roofs with fish-scale shaped tiles, and a front garden.

Each old house has unique features and exotic decorations that reflected the cultural values of the ancient people. Many generations have lived in these old houses which are not only their shelters butalso a place to keep the unique cultural values of the village in the past.

Coming to Truong Yen, visitors will not only discover the ancient features of the old houses, but also enjoy incredible beauty of nature and numerous historical relic sites.

Truong Yen commune, which is located inside Trang An Landscape complex featuring with typical limestone ranges, still keeps vestiges of the ancient fortress built during the Dinh dynastymore than 1,000 years ago.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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