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Ninh Binh: Potential development of " green tourism "

Ninh Binh is the land of rich cultural deposits - history - the spiritual and possesses many spectacular natural landscapes, Ninh Binh has chosen the direction of exploiting " green tourism " to create sustainable development. This shift has brought the growth rate of Ninh Binh tourism at a high level for many years.

Ninh Binh made initial donation of diverse natural resources, unique and owns the historic-cultural heritage value bulky, is the source assets invaluable to tourism development. Besides, the socialization and investment has aroused the potential travel.

Culture and spirituality tourism is a strong position of Ninh Binh, the advantage of promoting the sacred land was the former capital of three feudal dynasty, associated with major shifts in the history of the nation; also the convergence and the development of many religions, especially Buddhism and Christianity, and other religious buildings - architectural cultural value.

Ecotourism is often associated with the travel experience and forms of tourism homestay (stay at indigenous peoples home), help visitors allowing travelers to penetrate deep into daily life, labor and production of local communities. This is the basis for Ninh Binh have uphold the traditional craft villages, the specialty, unique cultural heritage to serve tourism, such as Van Lam embroidery village, Ninh Van stone carving village (Hoa Lu), Kim Sơn sedge village, restore and develop the art of xẩm, chèo, folk dishes...

In particular, Ninh Binh currently own Trang An landscapes complex is  in the process of finalizing the record USNESCO recognized as natural world heritage. Trang An is an outdoor museum of geology, marked the ups and downs of the Earth's crust and contains in it the history of formation and development of human in  millions years ago. The complex is formed from limestone with valleys, rivers blend together to create a magical space, lyrical poetic. Especial Geology and Geomorphology with trans-water caves system  made ​​Trang An bring in different climates, which exists in parallel terrestrial ecosystems and water is special, with many species, rare plants listed in Vietnam Red Book. The core zone of the original complex is absolute protection. Expected by 2014, Trang An will become natural world heritage and when that status of the tourist complex will be raised at the international level, expected to attract large number of tourists in the country.

The  potential tourism of Ninh Binh is still very much, this means opportunities for investors is very large. Consistent point of Ninh Binh is more investment in the right direction as protected as conservation and optimum growing. In 2011, tourism revenue of Ninh Binh reaches over 665 billion (about 725 times compared to 1992). Impressive growth figures on the forecasts will be a lot higher and more go into depth.

"Green Tourism" associated with conservation exploit the diversity of ecosystems and natural values​​, cultural heritage objects, intangible, is quite familiar problem in the world and is a trend mainstream tourism development in many countries.

According to many experts, Ninh Binh tourism development can not just rely on a unique natural landscapes, but also have to develop new parks and the world-class entertainment (shopping, entertainment and recreation synthesis...), the auxiliary services of high quality to stimulate consumption and prolonged duration of stay of tourists in the country and foreigners. Currently, spending by tourists in Ninh Binh is still low.

Attracting investment resources with foreign elements in Ninh Binh tourism is limited. The promotion, tourism promotion was focused and ever-changing forms, but still works to promote more in next time, for both domestic and international markets./.

(Source: CINET/Ninh Binh TPIC)

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