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Ninh Binh’s 2018 budget collection hits new record

Budget collection of the northern province of Ninh Binh in 2018 is estimated at over 12.7 trillion VND (547 million USD), marking the highest level recorded after the province re-established and a new record high in the 3rd consecutive year.

Floating glass processing in Chu Lai Float Glass plant.
Floating glass processing in Chu Lai Float Glass plant.

Of the figure, the province’s domestic collection reached 8.5 trillion VND (366 million USD), surpassing the assigned target by 156 percent and up 41.5 percent against the previous year.

Meanwhile, import-export activities contributed over 4 trillion VND (172 million USD) to the local budget.

In 2018, the province has fullfilled all the 16 socio-economic development goals set by its People's Council. Its GRDP went up 9.27 percent compared to 2017, agriculture production recording a growth of 2.7 percent; industry production value representing 20 percent higher than the previous year, and tourism service seeing a year – on – year rise of 19 percent.

Mr Ha Van Hieu, Vice Head of the Department of Tax attributed the results to local sectors and branches’ efforts to push the administrative reform, improve the quality of human resources, and provide measures to ease difficulties in production and trading.

Besides, the Tax Department was active in providing tax documents via email, and telephone. It has also implemented the one-door merchanism to process tax documents, helping reduce times for enterprises and people.

Ninh Binh has set to collect 4,6 trillion VND for the state budget in 2019, he added.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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