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New heli tour launched in Ha Long Bay

A new heli tour was launched by the Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company under the Vietnam Helicopter Corporation in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province, on May 10, offering tourists a new choice to enjoy the scenic beauty of Ha Long Bay from above.

The two Bell-505 helicopters used for the tour were produced in the US.
The two Bell-505 helicopters used for the tour were produced in the US.

The Ha Long Heli Tours use two US-produced Bell-505 helicopters, designed with two pilot and three passenger seats with comfortable seating space, making it convenient for visitors to experience the UNESCO-recognised natural heritage.

The two helicopters will always be stationed at Tuan Chau heliport to serve customers at any time without an earlier announcement. Tourists can book the service through FastSky - a helicopter ride-hailing app run by FastGo Vietnam JSC.

Customers have three options for their trip, including 12, 25 or 40 minutes with different journeys and prices starting from US$125 per pax.

In addition to sightseeing tours, the Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company also organises flight services with Bell-505 helicopters for Hanoi-Tuan Chau-Hanoi and Tuan Chau-Van Don-Tuan Chau routes, as well as charter flights, aerial survey tours, event tours, wedding photography and filming tours.

The new service is expected to diversify tourism products and attract more tourists to Ha Long Bay.

(Source: NDO)

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