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Gia Thuy pottery village

Gia Thuy commune, Nho Quan district, in northern Ninh Binh province, is home to the famous nearly 60-year-old pottery village, which has been preserving traditional cultural values well while helping its local people to earn incomes as well.

Shaping products is conducted by experienced potters
Shaping products is conducted by experienced potters

Gia Thuy Pottery Village's predecessor is Long Thinh pottery. In 1959, some pottery workers from central Thanh Hoa province moved to Gia Thuy commune in where they had built kilns to make simple items such as pots, jars, and cauldrons. Later, the pottery trade was born and remains in Gia Thuy till today.

Gia Thuy pottery is made of clay having a golden brown color, which is available in this region. This type of soil has a high level of adhesion and smoothness, and is highly heat resistant.

Some products of Gia Thuy pottery are sold well like wine jars and pots which bear stylized Vietnamese countryside landscape images, creating a unique feature for Gia Thuy pottery.

Gia Thuy pottery products.
Gia Thuy pottery products.

To make a product, workers need to do numerous steps, such as sourcing clay, which require them to have diligence, skillfulness, meticulousness, and artistic ability.

The workers have used traditional techniques to form a variety of products in unique shapes with ravishing patterns, making each of them lively.

Gia Thuy pottery items are baked straightly for two and a half days using woods. When coming out, they have a dark brown color and are very hard.

Gia Thuy pottery products in general are used as decorative items. However, Gia Thuy wine jars could decrease the poisoning level of the wine they keep, making it a special feature of Gia Thuy pottery.

In the meantime, the Gia Thuy Pottery Village has been expanded to cover an area of over 5,000 square meters, aiming to revive and develop the traditional craft.

Translated by Nguyen Thuy

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